exporting USA produced food & beverage products

  • Works with US manufacturers exporting USA produced food & beverage products.Esus works with US manufacturers in exporting USA produced food & beverages around the world.
  • For manufacturers, we function as a specialized export intermediary, saving the manufacturer the expense of establishing and maintaining an export department.
  • For distributors, we serve as a business development department, saving the distributor time and money by finding just the right products from US manufacturers to meet their local customers’ needs.

ESUS can configure shipments to maximize container space and minimize shipping costs per unit while exporting USA produced food & beverage products.

ESUS can consolidate products from multiple manufacturers, saving distributors time and money.

Since 1999 The Esus Group has provided export services to hundreds of businesses throughout the world.  Esus is continually building a network of US manufacturers and service providers to be better able to serve distributors around the world.  Esus Management, throughout its career, has been responsible for thousands of international transactions resulting in nearly $US 2.0 billion in export sales.