ESUS has provided export services to hundreds of businesses throughout the world, exporting USA produced food & beverage products.

Esus is continually building its network of U. S. manufacturers and service providers to be better able to serve worldwide markets.

In addtion, ESUS constantly evaluates new distribution opportunities so that sales of USA food and beverage products reach the greatest number of global customers.

As a result, ESUS brings together the best of the best; the best manufacturers and the best distributors for each product.

Esus Management has been responsible for thousands of international transactions resulting in nearly $US 2.0 billion in export sales.



ESUS is a full-service trading company, exporting USA produced food & beverage products.




ESUS can arrange the shipping from the manufacturers of USA produced food and beverage products to the country's port of entry.




ESUS is exporting container loads of US produced food and beverage products to all parts of the world.



Esus exports USA produced food & beverage products to distributors, importers and food stores around the world.


ESUS acts as the export sales department for manufacturers and the key broker for distributors. We find the right distributor for each manufacturers’ products. As a broker ESUS delivers high-quality food and beverage products from top US manufacturers to our distributors.

ESUS exports only USA produced food & beverage products.

ESUS Management understands and follows international and local laws.

We create a win-win situation for all parties.

In addition to having a wide network of US manufacturers and in-market distributors, our contacts include:

WHO is ESUS export management for?

  • Distributors looking for quality US food and beverage products.
  • Distributors wanting to expand with new products
  • All US manufacturers with little or no export experience;
  • Manufacturers that want help with selected products and/or in certain international markets;
  • Manufacturers looking for new markets in order to accelerate their business growth; and/or,
  • Companies that do not have, or are reluctant to spend, the money to hire and retain specialized personnel needed to establish an export business.

WHY ONLY USA PRODUCED FOOD & BEVERAGE PRODUCTS? USA produced food & beverage products?

Since establishing The Esus Group, Inc. in 2005, we have built up a network of over 150 food & beverage manufacturers that we trust and are confident in providing our customers, and our customers’ customers, with high-quality products that can help our customers generate significantly greater sales and profits.

We look forward to expanding our ever-growing network of manufacturers and customers to help bring together the best with the best.