exporting USA produced food & beverage products

ESUS works with US manufacturers in exporting USA produced food & beverage products and serves as an Export Management Company (EMC) for small USA food and beverage manufacturers and Esus works with US manufacturers in exporting USA produced food & beverages around the world.worldwide distributors. Our focus is on exporting USA produced food & beverages products.

For manufacturers, we function as a specialized export intermediary, saving the manufacturer the expense of establishing and maintaining an export department, while providing the company with access to foreign markets. This is especially important in tight economic times when sales in the local market have shrunk or

For distributors, we serve as a business development department, saving the distributor time and money by
finding just the right products from US manufacturers to meet their local customers’ needs. We have access to nearly all manufacturers in the US that have limited business through exports or do not currently have an affiliate company in the distributor’s market.ESUS can configure shipments to maximize container space and minimize shipping costs per unit while exporting USA produced food & beverage products.

In addition, ESUS can consolidate products from multiple manufacturers, saving distributors time and money.

Since 1999 The Esus Group has provided export services to hundreds of businesses throughout the world.  Esus is continually building a network of US manufacturers and service providers to be better able to serve distributors around the world.  Esus Management, throughout its career, has been responsible for thousands of international transactions resulting in nearly $US 2.0 billion in export sales.

Fred Theobald, Partner in The Esus Group, Inc., which is focused on exporting USA produced food & beverage products around the world.

Fred Theobald


Mr. Theobald founded his first company in 1999 and joined forces with Mr. Bradshaw in 2004 to form The Esus Group, Inc.

Mr. Theobald brings over 30 years of experience in helping companies improve sales, marketing, business development, strategic planning, general management and international operations.

He has traveled the world for business, having worked in over 40 countries and has been able to transition the experience gained in large, successful Fortune 100 global operations to the smaller business level.

Consequently, he is able bring the same tools and functions available in large businesses, with unlimited resources, to the smaller business world where resources are limited but the functions are still necessary for success and growth.

Mr. Theobald began his business career in sales and marketing before moving on to new product development, building US and international launch plans for products that eventually became major contributors to the product portfolios for one of the world’s top companies.

Part of the scope of his responsibilities at that time included the writing and directing the implementation of the strategic plan for a division of that company, which resulted in the division hitting its goal and becoming the first Billion Dollar division within that Corporation.

From there Mr. Theobald took on responsibility for the entire export operation of another Fortune 100 company, managing operations throughout 70 countries. He eventually established affiliate operations in 7 countries within the export operation.

After that Mr. Theobald became General Manager over a $350 million operation, which included 5 manufacturing facilities supplying products to other markets of the world.

As a Partner in ESUS, Mr. Theobald’s goal is to help its manufacturers reach far beyond the US boarders through exporting USA produced food & beverage products, and distributors of these products increase sales and profits by selling high quality products.

Fred works closely with the Food Export Association and the US Embassy personnel around the world.

Art Bradshaw, Partner in The Esus Group, Inc., which is focused on exporting USA produced food & beverage products around the world.


Art Bradshaw


Mr. Bradshaw has more than 30 years of Management Consulting, Senior Financial Executive and Mergers & Acquisition experience.

In 2004, Mr. Bradshaw formed an alliance with Mr. Theobald under “The Esus Group” in order to leverage the synergy represented by their complimentary skill sets, specifically Mr. Bradshaw’s experience in accounting and financial management and Mr. Theobald’s experience in sales and marketing management, and exporting. 

As a team, Mr. Bradshaw and Mr. Theobald have been able to help many manufacturers of USA produced food & beverage products expand their portfolios with profitable quality products.

Prior to 2003, Mr. Bradshaw was a Management Consulting Partner with Deloitte Consulting. In addition to Management Consulting, Mr. Bradshaw has been successful in a wide variety of roles including Division Controller, Corporate Audit Manager, Director of Operations as well as a Leader of Business Transfer Initiatives both inside and outside consulting. He brings to any organization endeavor proven leadership and operational ability. 

His education credentials include a MBA in Financial Management, with honors, and a BBA in Accounting, magna cum laude. 

Mr. Bradshaw started his career in public accounting and acquired his CPA before moving to private industry.

As a Partner in ESUS, Mr. Bradshaw’s handles much of the financial operations, which can be very complicated for a company focused on exporting USA produced food & beverage products around the world.

Mr. Bradshaw works closely with the Food Export Association and the US Export-Import Bank.